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Update Published October 5, 2015

Twenty fifteen has brought about many new opportunities, friendships and more. As our life in Ukraine has changed, so has the world around us. Ukraine’s war with Russia. The world and terrorism. The world is facing a future completely uncharted. No way to fully understand everything around us. Technology is changing at such a rapid pace, it’s impossible to know where the journey will end. The fact is that, nobody on earth can possibly understand what’s happening or know how to control it. This is how it should be. No one individual or country should make the decisions for another. Living in Ukraine for nearly eight years has given me an entirely different perspective on how the world turns. It’s good.

Our newest Site. A work in progress http://larisaschooloflanguage.com/

For every positive, there is a negative. For every disaster, there is success. For every life taken, there is the rebirth of another day. If one is willing to be creative and work hard, anything is possible. In Ukraine, opportunities are around every corner. That’s if you have the life experience to discover and develop them. For Larisa and I, teaching English has been the perfect business. That combined with Internet marketing and our coworking center, we stay  busy here. Our business model is completely unique to Ukraine and the world of language. Our primary goal has always been to teach the best English to as many Ukrainians as possible. Thousands right here in Nikolaev have benefited from our unique and time proven teaching methods. Blended learning and the flipped classroom are great ways to learn and speak fast.
Opportunities; Our language school has expanded four times over the past six+ years. Each time we had the opportunity to rent another office on the second floor, we took it. We now rent the entire second floor of the building. All for Larisa School of Language, Larisa Web Design, Larisa Publications, The LSL Education Network and rooms dedicated to programmers and developers from all over the city. Goggles Coworking Center is the only coworking center in Nikolaev. It has been a huge success since opening in February of 2015. We also rent our facilities for company meetings and workshops for businesses big and small. Our Saturday English club is the only continuously running English Club in Nikolaev since opening in November of 2008. To date, we have conducted close to 700 hours of free English club for the local community and students.
Friendships; People travel to Ukraine from many countries. For business, pleasure and sometimes in search of a life partner. Larisa and I have met many new friends over the years. So many different countries, it is difficult to remember them all. Many students have found their way to other countries. Mostly for employment, sometimes to start their own business. Often students seek out education for the reason to immigrate to neighboring countries. At least six dozen friends, work on ships that travel around the world. Cargo, sunflower oil, containers, grains, tomato paste and more are all about jobs and opportunities for our friends.
Business Ventures; Sadly, of the 16 men who had tried to start a business in Nikolaev, they all failed. Everything from sandwich shops, real estate ventures, property investment, marriage agencies, IT companies and more. Some have even tried their hand at opening and running a language school or two. Doing business in Ukraine isn’t easy. Most would say that doing business anywhere isn’t as simple as learning the ABC’s. I agree. like all businesses, you only get out what you put in. Doing market research and making connections is the only way to do business in Ukraine long term. Being prepared and having friends beyond the borders doesn’t hurt either. Without a need and the ability to fully understand that need, businesses always fail.
Larisa School of Language; We are often asked why we named our school “Larisa”. In Ukraine, it’s extremely important to fully understand the power of marketing and the differences between other cultures. In America, consumers (in the general sense) trust advertising. At the very least, Americans are aware of the laws that have been designed to protect consumers. Sadly, the rule of law in Ukraine is part of a distant future that doesn’t exist today. Most in Ukraine don’t trust anything the newspapers publish or broadcast advertising proclaims. We learned all about the ineffectiveness of newspaper advertising the first year in business. We haven’t paid a penny to them for over 5 years. Instead, we invested in the future with websites, business cards and word of mouth. Most of our students come from the latter. Connecting to the community has been an even larger goal that has returned our investment many times over. Why Larisa School of Language? Why not? Why not personalize a business. It is a great way to build a community based business.
The Future; The future of Ukraine is an unsure bet. That said, Ukrainians have an inner strength unknown to the rest of the world. True Ukrainians care about their country. They want prosperity and the ability to demonstrate to the rest of the world how to move from the past to the future. Our friends are some of the most determined people we have ever met. In the midst of difficult times and an uncertain future, true Ukrainians know they can do anything. Even in the face of pessimism and realism, Ukrainians true to their country, look forward to opportunities and prosperity. For our businesses, we will continue teaching the best English and helping as many as possible improve their lives and that of their families.

Update Published July 15, 2014

Extremely busy with new projects and family life in Mykolaiv. Not much time to write. That’s my next career.

Update Published March 10, 2013

ExPat life? I do consultations daily from our offices in Nikolaev Ukraine.  My fees are reasonable.  If you have ever thought about living in a foreign country, Ukraine is a great choice.  Ten minute consultations are always free.  Add Billgreen54 to your Skype.  As soon as I see you on-line, I will speak with you.  You can also send me an Email at Bill@billgreen54.com.  Let me know when is a good time to speak with you.

Here is a little about us.  Enjoy!

It’s been just over five years since coming to Ukraine.  Larisa and I are having a great time living everyday to it’s fullest.  So much has happened since November 2007.  Observing what’s taken place around the world has opened my eyes in many ways.

My fifty four years in California, now seems quite boring, compared to life in Ukraine.  Not that I haven’t had a full life but, the fact that I didn’t realize how big the world really was.  Living in the comfort of my home in California was somewhat like isolation from the outside world.  Until a person has the opportunity to meet people from other countries, you rely heavily on the Nightly News to keep abreast of what’s happening outside the borders.

Growing up in California had it’s ups and downs.  Many people who stay close to home most of their lives, never know what they are missing.  The world and all that goes on, seems easier to understand since coming to Ukraine.  Over the past five years, I’ve met countless visitors here.

New friends from America, France, England, South Africa, South Korea, Ireland, The Isle of Man, Netherlands, Holland, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, Germany, China, Japan, Poland, Switzerland, Russia, Georgia, Australia, New Zealand, Armenia, South America, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Denmark, Bangladesh, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Italy, Moldova, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, Malta and more.

It’s been interesting and thought provoking to hear world views from different perspectives.  Our friends have shared so much about their countries and the lives they live.  Family life, jobs, education, environment, relationships, hobbies, sports and a mountain of other stuff.  Sometimes it’s impossible to take it all in but, somehow we have managed to do just fine.

Living in Ukraine and sharing everyday with Larisa feels like a dream.  We not only share evenings together but, daytime as well.  We work together managing our language school and building businesses.  Meeting clients just about everyday is pretty normal here.  Sometimes our days are rather hectic, but we always seem to find time for each other.

We opened our language school in November 2008 and it’s still growing everyday.  Our Larisa School of Language website is second to none in Ukraine with all of the educational tools.  Recently, we just finished our first PDF English Grammar E-Book.  Our on-line lessons have continued to grow as well.

We teach English, Russian and Ukrainian by Skype everyday.  We have many students that take lessons by Skype who live in a number of countries including America, Russia and Ukraine along with neighboring counties.  Recently, we just celebrated Saturday English Club number 200 with a twelve hour English Club Marathon.  What a lot of fun.  There was a continuous crowd from 8 to 8.

As a Baby Boomer born in 1953, I often think about all the people in America who are retiring now.  Ten thousand everyday is difficult to imagine.  If I had one thing to offer to those retiring now, I would tell them to consider learning another language or building an on-line business.

I can tell you that since coming to Ukraine and teaching over 10,000 hours of English, my mind is as sharp as ever.  For me, it’s been lot’s of fun knowing that every student we teach has obtained another life skill.  In this country, people who speak great English have many more opportunities at their doorstep.  They might use English for jobs, travel or to communicate with family members in other countries.

What have I done over the past five years while living in Ukraine?  Here’s the short list;  Married the most beautiful woman in the world.  Her name is Larisa in case you didn’t know:)  Co-founded two language schools.  Helped countless individuals better understand how to do business here.  Ridden the buses over 3,500 times.  Shared countless holidays and special events.  Lived in Ukraine over 1,760 days.  Eaten Ukrainian cuisine over 3,500 times.  Taught over 10,000 hours of English.  Created over 30 educational websites and a whole lot more.

Our newest website is all about creating on-line businesses while having fun.  Maybe it’s writing short stories.  Sharing your life experiences.  Teaching others what you have done in your lifetime.  AffiliateSchool101.com is a work in progress with great resources, ideas and articles that are meant to help anyone who needs a second income.  Larisa and I created this website to help others learn how to help pay the bills.  It’s a great resource for anyone who has the need for something to do.  Perfect for any Baby Boomer like me:)

If you are searching for that next career, you might want to consider taking up teaching English to foreign students.  While you won’t get rich, the human rewards are immense.  There are many opportunities in foreign countries to earn an income and help supplement what you currently earn.

If you would like to speak with me personally and find out more about living and working in Ukraine, don’t hesitate contacting me at Bill@billgreen54.com.  I do charge for my time, but you will find the information I offer is priceless.  I always try to answer your initial letter with limited questions completely free.  I conduct Q and A Skype conferences daily from our offices in Nikolaev Ukraine.  Are you living your life adventure?

Life is an Adventure… Live it!…

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Update Published July 10, 2012

If someone had told me six years ago, by July twenty twelve I’d be sharing my life with the woman of my dreams, I wouldn’t have imagined anything close to it.  More like a dream, I think….  Since Larisa and I first met on-line in December 2006, our lives have been forever blessed with a true life adventure. An adventure we couldn’t have imagined or written.  An adventure that began on the road of life and continues to surprise and amaze around every twist and turn.

Our language school in Nikolaev continues to develop as planned along with daily opportunities.  Our websites, on-line teaching and learning resources have continued to grow with no end in site.  Our development of The new LSL Education Network is proving to be an amazing area of growth for on-line education and marketing improvements for other language schools in Ukraine. Additional projects under development are country specific web sites targeting education, information and on-line shopping.

Coming to Ukraine in November 2007 to stay a while, proved to be perfect timing.  While America began the economic nosedive in December 2007, Larisa and I were just beginning our life adventure together in Ukraine.  Since then, we’ve taken advantage of every opportunity that has allowed us to learn each other and explore the many differences in our lives.  Larisa has countless expressions that always make me smile.  They come from life, language difference, humor and the desire to communicate every way possible.  And What?????  Who Knows?????  It’s All About You…..  Just a few of her fun phrases….

Meeting with clients in Nikolaev and on-line gives us the opportunity to share the experiences of others who have tried their hand at searching for true love on this side of the planet.  Over the past five years, we have met men by the hundreds that have allowed us the opportunity to share their success stories as well as their trials and tribulations.  Sadly, the majority of men go home empty handed without ever finding the woman of their dreams.  There are a myriad of reasons for this.

We are always happy to consult friends from around the world.  If you’re searching for your other half on this side of the planet, educate yourself and learn as much as possible from two people who have created a life together a little differently than most.  Educate yourself before traveling to a foreign land to meet what you think could be Mrs Right.

Contact us at Bill@billgreen54.com.  Life is an Adventure… Live it!

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Larisa School of Language Nikolaev Ukraine

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Update Published Sunday June 26, 2011

Learning a language can be a lot of fun, but teaching it… WOW!!!   Life in Nikolaev Ukraine has truly been the adventure of a lifetime.   It’s been over three years since Larisa and I’d taught our first English lesson together.  It was February 14th….   Yes, Valentines Day 2008.   She knew little English while I was  totally deficient in Russian.  In the few weeks before that day, we had visited a number of schools in Nikolaev.

Knocking on as many doors as we could find, while searching for the perfect opportunity.  I just wanted to teach English.  In the beginning, it was more about whether I could actually find a job here.  I came to Nikolaev for just one reason: to spend time with and get to know my sweetheart.  Little did we realize then, what we would be doing today.

We had opened our own language school in November 2008.  That was eight months after we started working at a language school we helped found that same year in March.  Larisa was the first manager, I was the first teacher, that was a great time for us.

This November we will celebrate our third year teaching English at our school; Larisa School of Language.  Life is an Adventure, live it!……. I know that phrase well.  I have been living my adventure nearly four years now.  I can remember when Larisa and I celebrated lesson number 100.

Two weeks ago, lessons taught by me personally reached 4,302.  That’s a lot of….. am, is, are, along with The ABC’s and 123’s.  I still look forward to sharing language and life with every student everyday.

Larisa and I live every day like it’s a new day.   Sharing time together with honesty and open communication while enjoying and looking forward to lives adventures around each and every corner.

Are you living your life adventure?  Live life to the fullest each and every day.

Life is an Adventure….. Live it!

Visit our websites at…..


Update published Sunday June 13, 2010

It’s been nearly three years since I moved to Nikolaev, Ukraine.  Living in a foreign country after a life of 54 years in California, USA is the experience of a lifetime.  Living everyday with Larisa is my dream.

Larisa and I opened our language school in November of 2008.  Currently, our school teaches an average of 45 lessons a week.  We are located on Sovietskaya and Shevchenko 63 Second Floor.

Our web site is at http://larisaschooloflanguage.com

Our services page for overseas clients is at


Skype is Billgreen54 and Larisaschooloflanguage

Please contact me if you need any help in Nikolaev.  We are always helping somebody somewhere in the world.  If you would like to know more about Ukraine and the people who live here, please feel free to contact me anytime.  If you would like to sit in on a virtual classroom as a guest speaker, let me know.  We are always inviting friends to share thoughts and life around the world.

First published on April 13, 2008

Living and working in Nikolaev, Ukraine is a true life adventure.  Our day job is teaching English (about 12 classes a week), by night; Larisa and I help men and women find each other around the world.

We take our jobs seriously and know the importance of honesty and trust.  We know what it feels like to put every ounce of time and commitment in a loving relationship.  We first met each other in December 2006 on the Internet just after my return from Saint Petersburg, Russia.  Larisa from Nikolaev Ukraine; myself from California, USA.

I moved to Nikoleav in November of 2007 and haven’t looked back since.  I started coaching men over two years ago.  Life, relationships, cultural communications, this is what we do and more for clients all over the world.

Contact us at billgreen54@gmail.com or skype at billgreen54.  If you are searching for the love of your life in the Ukraine, we can help you.


60 responses to “About BillGreen54, Nikolaev, Ukraine

  1. hey bill, my name is caleb, im a university student and english language teacher from australia, next year i will finish my degree and i am brainstorming places to teach in eastern europe once my education is finished. just wondering if you know of any language schools in nikolaev or any websites that may lead me to them? any help will be appriciated, cheers mate

  2. Paul Dames

    Hey Bill

    Do you remember me? We met outside the hotel on Admiralskaya about 2 months ago? I am the guitar playing American?
    I am coming back and would like to write you about some things or talk to you on skype.
    I will look for an email from you.
    Paul Dames

  3. billgreen54

    Hi Paul,

    Yes, I remember you. Feel free to write me anytime. How is everything with you?


    • billgreen54

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for writing. Our interpreters are just $10 an hour. We just need two working days to schedule one for you. Our electronic translators run $10 a day to rent. There are many places to visit here, It really depends on what you might like to do. There are several museums and the shipyard tour is interesting. As far as food, it would be easier for me to tell you where not to eat. Just about any place on Sovieskaya would provide you with a decent meal. There is a traditional Ukrainian restaurant not far from our office. The food is first class and the service is good too.

      If you would like to learn more about Ukraine and the people who live and work here, we offer a Ukrainian culture program over Skype. More information can be found at http://www.larisaschooloflanguage.net/Ukrainian_Culture_Education.html and http://pinterest.com/pin/91901648616405659/

      We also provide many other services as well. You can find them at http://www.penpalsnikolaev.com/

      Here , you have two choices for lodging. Hotel or a flat. It depends on how long your staying and if you might like to cook in. Flats also provide you with a washer and Internet. Flats the we rent, are usually located on Sovietskaya and run no more than $60 a night. Let me know if you are interested.

      Good luck on your visit and thanks again.


  4. peter2438

    Hi Bill,
    Well buddy, me and Liliya have just celebrated our 6 month anniversary even though we are now 3,000kms apart, I know you guys will look after her for me. Taking this enforced leave in the UK & Ireland is certainly taking it’s toll on me mentally. It will be another 7 weeks before my return but hey, what a return it will be. I’m looking forward to my first Ukrainian winter, seeing all you guys again but most of all, looking forward to marrying the “girl of my dreams” in January. You never know mate, play your cards right and maybe you and Larisa will get an invite. People may say Ukraine is bleak in the winter but look here, I can tell you it is bloody bleak wherever you are if you are on your own. So any guys reading this, if you are on your own, get your butts on the next flight to Odessa and cab it down to Nikolaev. Bill and Larisa (sweetie pie) will be there to welcome you but what you must do first is, ask them where Peter is ‘cos “He sounds like a great guy, I wanna buy him a drink”.
    Cheers lads, I didn’t think you would ask !!!!!

  5. J.P. Cormier

    Hi Bill
    I have been in contact with a girl from Nikolaev. She contacted me on a site called Perfect match, I was not looking for Ukrainian women or Russian women, or brides. So we started to talk and we have been talking for over 3 months now. I looked at a couple of scamming sites and she is not on any of them. Then I typed her name in a google search and her name came up and her e-mail address, saying be aware of scam. I tried to click on the site and nothing would come up. I have done many other searches and none come up with her name as a scammer. Is there any thing that you can help we with to find out if she is a scammer ot not. We are talking about meeting in July over in Nikolaev, but I am a little leary right now. She did give me her address and she did recieve something from me, because I got the pictures of her with the thing I sent her.
    Bill how can I make sure she is not scamming me before I make this trip? I would appreciate any sites you can give me or I could give you her name and address if you could find out anything for me.
    I really like this girl, but I don’t want to get hosed.

    • John

      Hello Bill,

      I know it has been a while since J.P. posted this question–just curious if you know what happened with the girl he met on perfectmatch? A girl, age 26, from Nikolaev contacted me on perfectmatch this summer and I’m having the same experience. She’s very sweet and we’ve been emailing weekly since July 2010. She seems very earnest and not the least bit pushy.

      I never knew a thing about the Ukraine or the high interest in Ukrainian women before this, but through communicating with her my interest level in her as well as the Ukrainian people and way of life has increased. I haven’t spoken to her yet, but she has mentioned that she would like to talk on the phone through a translator.

      You seem like a really nice guy and would appreciate any input you can spare.

      John in Dallas

      • billgreen54

        Hi John,

        No, I don’t know what happened to J.P. He just kind of fell off the map. Most of the men who fail at developing an honest relationship, are too embarrassed to even talk about it with their best friends. He might be like most of the men who attempt to search overseas for a woman to share his life with. Most of them fail miserably. It’s also possible he found his other half. Educate yourself and learn all about Ukraine and the people who live here and you will stand a much better chance of forming and developing a real relationship.

        Since Larisa and I started teaching English together on February 14, 2008, we have met countless men and women who thought they had found each other on the Internet. Failure is the rule here, not the exception. Ninety nine percent of the men who actually end up coming to Ukraine fail to understand even the simplest things when it comes to Ukrainian culture and traditions. It’s sad but true.

        Three important keys to developing a serious relationship with a real honest Ukrainian woman centers around the actions of each party over the first few weeks of communication. Letters for no more than three weeks, chat for a week and then communicating by phone. Most men play the letter game without knowing any of the rules.

        There is a lot more to this, but most men don’t fully understand how to get past first base. That is why they fail miserably. Educate yourself and you will stand a much better chance of success.

  6. Skip Hanson

    Hi Bill
    It would be great to meet up with you while i am in Nikolaev this Summer but need to know if you are still active there. The posts here are a bit dated. Sounds like you’ve got a great gig going there. What should i expect to pay you for your services, such as finding a place to stay, mutual location for meeting potential mates, having you and Larisa screen women i would have met on line, etc. if you offer these types of services. Thank you

    • billgreen54

      HI Skip,
      Thanks for writing. I hope to have some time this weekend to update my about page at WordPress.
      Larisa and I are extremely busy teaching and helping clients these days. It was nearly three years ago when I made it back to Nikolaev to stay a while.
      Larisa and I started teaching English together on Valentines Day in 2008 while at a language school we helped to start. We opened Larisa School of Language in November 2008. Just four months ago, we expanded into another two rooms.
      We offer many services for clients around the world. Every services we offer is centered around education and communication. If we are able to meet you here in Nikolaev at some time in the future, we would be happy to consider introducing you to a friend or two.
      We rent flats and just about anything else here. I am sending you a letter for English and a few other services.
      Once you take a look at our services page at http://billgreen54services.wordpress.com Let me know how we can best help you.
      Educate yourself and you stand to learn how many of our clients have been able to avoid all of the pitfalls of International dating.
      If you would like, Larisa and I would be happy to have a Skype conference with you. We like to keep it a maximum of one hour. We charge for most services these days.
      Let me know how we can best help you. Thanks again for writing.
      Best regards,

  7. Mark Melanson

    Hi Bill
    I hope to share the same dream. Talk to you soon, Mark

  8. Rob

    Hi Bill,
    I have a question regarding how easy or difficult it is for a lady to get a new email account in the same city as you. She lives in Nikolaev also. We have been corresponding for about 7 weeks she recently left the above site and says she will use email with me, she says she is serious with me. Her email at home she said is broken and will get another email per my urging her to do so. I have followed your suggestions from above. She is the one who is taking her time. She seems serious per her letter telling me she is leaving the site to be with me. She needs to get another email account how easy is this for her to do. I have been the one who asks when to call her and told her about skype etc. She says she wants to be with me and the site confirmed she left, what to I do from here on any suggestions Rob

    • billgreen54

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for writing, Email addresses are as easy to get as turning on a computer. There are Internet cafes by the hundreds here in Nikolaev. If someone can’t get to an Internet cafe, it’s impossible to not know someone with a computer in Nikolaev. Internet access is everywhere. If someone is telling you any different, they are lying.
      If a women is serious about developing a real relationship, she will do everything possible to help open up the communication. If she isn’t honest or she is just pain lazy, she will drag her feet and make every excuse possible.
      If a lady is telling you that she will remove her profile from an agency or web site before she has met you, the odds are, she is lying. All girls can have their profile temporarily hidden from public view.
      How do you know she is the one writing letters to you? The odds are that the girl you are writing to doesn’t even know who you are. Most likely, the letters are written by a letter writer that gets paid by the letter. You should never communicate by letter any longer than three weeks maximum. If after three weeks, she seems to like you in any manner, you need to request her contact information. That would include her full name, her address, her phone number and the agency information as well. That would include the agency manager, agency address, phone number and the name of the agency. If the web site refuses to give that information to you, they are hiding something.
      Agencies that aren’t afraid to have visitors are always happy to let you come to their office and meet with them. If you are not able to obtain the agency information, the odds are it’s a boiler room and not an agency at all.
      If a woman says she wants to be with you before ever meeting you face to face and getting to know you over time, she is lying. No honest Ukrainian woman would ever give you her heart without meeting you. I see many red flags in your letter. Be very careful.
      Just remember that a real Ukrainian woman will never ask for anything but your heart. You will have to earn every ounce of hers. Never send a gift to any girl through any agency or web site. Keep your eyes wide open and your wallet closed.
      I hope something I have offered helps.

      Best regards,


      • Rudy Rodriguez

        been talking to a lady from lugansk since march however she cannot give me any personal information because of anastasia date rules I have to fill out a background check and mail it to them I talk to a representative from anastasia a they confrimed that is it worth the risk

      • billgreen54

        Good luck with your search.

  9. Matt

    Hey Bill,

    I am an American living in Warsaw, Poland, but I visit Ukraine often, and have dated women from there. Your advice is spot on, I have to say. I am going to be in Nikolaev in a few months, I’d like to make contact with you, let me know how we can make that happen.


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